SEMS is an automatic and self-adapting solution. Its advantages are:

Simplicity of use: SEMS analyses and learns by itself the consumption of devices in which it is connected. It allows the self-organization of their power demand through a process in which the internal organization of the system automatically structures itself without being managed by an external source.

Modularity: bio-inspired by nature , the system is composed of simple elements cooperating together to achieve the overall objective. The system is scalable.

Decentralization: the SEMS modules take decisions in a decentralized manner avoiding the overload of a central system while preserving its possible failure. This ensures a robust installation, because it is capable of continuing to operate in the case of failures.

Reactivity: the system components cooperate and communicate each other via local interactions and are able to react immediately to the demands of the devices. The system can quickly and dynamicly react to a load variation on the network.

Self-adaptation: in the case of new devices added to the installation, the system adapts itself easily, as long as these new  elements are equipped with a SEMS terminal. The system can also be easily upgraded to take into account local energy supply, such as solar panels installed on the roof.

Dashboard: in order to follow the consumption, a dynamic website with a secure access gives the possibility to remotely visualize in detail the behavior of the monitored system. This web service can also detect the unnecessary consumption and  act remotely on each electrical appliance.

Short-term amortization: SEMS allows immediate savings. It does not require heavy initial investment or long-term financing.

Integration into the Smart Grid: the major problem of the electrical network operation is to continuously maintain the balance between the energy production and consumption. Therefore, the planning of the energy production is important and SEMS is able to provide to the electricity distributors a simple and efficient tool to manage their overall load.