SEMS Principle:
Smart Energy Management System

Synoptique de SEMS

SEMS’ Synoptic

Thanks to our new technology based on bio-inspired intelligence, the SEMS modules called “Terminals,” learn and analyze for themselves the consumption of their associated devices. These “terminals” communicate with each other in order to exchange information on their state of charge and optimize the energy demand, with the help of  simple “ON / OFF” decisions provided by an algorithm embeddedin each terminal.

An additional module called “Gateway” collects all data exchanged and sends them to a remote server via internet (Ethernet, WiFi or GPRS?) in order to provide, with a personalized access, various “services” offered by SEMS.

SEMS is also able to manage and inject energy locally produced  by solar panels or mini wind turbines in order to increase the smoothing of the electricity consumption and therefore reduce the bill.