Sous-compteur SEMS

SEMS submeter

The SEMS submeter is an additional terminal connected to the main current supply which measures the overall current consumption of the system and provides the following parameters:

Measured quantity Unit Total Phase
Current: RMS and instantaneous I (t) [A] x
Peak current [A] x
Peak to peak current [A] x
Voltage: RMS and instantaneous V(t) [V] x
Peak voltage [V] x
Peak to peak voltage [V] x
Active power [kW] x x
Reactive power [kVAr] x x
Apparent power [kVA] x x
Quarter-hourly power [kW] x x
Power factor cos ϕ x
Active Energy [kWh] x
Reactive Energy [kvarh] x
Frequency [Hz] x

Technical Data SEMS submeter

Sous-compteur SEMS

SEMS Submeter