About us

Stignergy SA is a Swiss company based in Y-PARC – Swiss Technopole at Yverdon-les-Bains. It is active in the field of efficiency and electical control for professionals.

Stignergy has been developing Smart Energy Management System (SEMS), an artificial intelligence based on bio-inspired technology. SEMS controls and optimizes the electrical peak power, allowing professionals to make substantial savings with their electricity bill.

Stignergy arose from the lack of intelligent solution in order to reduce the electricity bill with affordable investments for small and medium enterprises.

Indeed, due to the increase of energy costs, a more stringent environmental regulation as well as a collective awareness in sustainable development, the implementation of an energy saving plan is today necessary.

The fundamental value of Stignergy is the establishment and development of a long-term collaboration with customers and partners, which give us the key to the mutual success. Our state of mind, based on relational value  is driven by the customer profitability.