The importance of controlling the simultaneous peaks power demand

Due to the gradual saturation of electricity distribution networks and their risks of instability they may face, it is more and more important, for electricity providers and their professional? customers, to smooth at maximum the power consumption, minimizing the peak demand. Indeed, the control of the energy costs is a major challenge for the present and the future for all sectors of the economy. Every company wants to reduce its electricity bill which is in constant growth and is therefore looking for efficient and reliable technologies to reduce the cost of electrical energy and therefore increase its productivity.

In addition, simultaneous machines or engines activations generate a higher peak demand. If the gap between the available and required power is no longer sufficient, an overload on an appliance at a given time can cause voltage disturbances affecting other business activities. Then these incidents may have a major impact on the productivity.

In the end, the peak power is causing disruption and instability on the electrical transmission lines. These peaks are generally supported by auxiliary energy sources, which are often expensive and polluting, explaining why the electricity providers wish to limit them.